Caracas, Venezuela

Things to Do in Caracas

With Copa Airlines flights to Caracas, getting to Venezuela’s capital has never been easier. Renowned for its cutting-edge architecture and monumental public art, Caracas sits in a narrow valley separated from the nearby Caribbean Sea by tall coastal mountains. Ride up the Teleférico tram to the top of El Avila peak to get your bearings and to enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline. Then visit the colonial center, with its immaculately restored streets and plazas and the ornate Iglesia de San Francisco. After shopping in one of Caracas’s glitzy contemporary malls, end the day in the open-air Las Mercedes district, where you’ll enjoy a lively mix of restaurants, shops, bars and clubs.

Remarkable dining at restaurants in Caracas

Try a modern version of the traditional arepa, a stuffed cornmeal patty, at one of the city’s contemporary fusion restaurants. Or you can savor a perfectly grilled piece of prime Venezuelan beef at a trendy steakhouse. Las Mercedes district is home to a host of fine dining options, while other culinary standouts can be found in El Rosal and Altamira.

Vibrant and varied nightlife in Caracas

One of our favorite things to do in Caracas is to head to Las Mercedes to club hop. If you’ve brought your dancing shoes, visit one of the city’s serious salsa clubs, or sample the diverse bar and club options at the Centro San Ignacio or Centro Sambil.

Caracas Travel Tips

• Caracas’s Metro system is clean, safe and inexpensive. Use it to get around the city center to explore the best things to do in Caracas, but take a taxi if your destination veers from this well-worn path.

• Hotels in El Rosal or Altamira, Caracas’s most upscale neighborhoods, are perfect for business travelers. A stay near the airport in Maiquetia is the way to go for tight connections, or if you want a view of the sea.

• Plan for weather in Caracas—the city has a balmy subtropical climate, with little seasonal variation. Nights get a little cooler, but you'll rarely need more than a light jacket or sweater.

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Simon Bolivar International Airport (CCS)

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