Georgetown, Guyana

Things to Do in Georgetown

A quaint city of coconut palms and colonial gables, the seaside capital of Guyana is yours to explore when you book Copa Airlines flights to Georgetown. Built by the Dutch, ruled by the French and the British during 300 years of European occupation, Georgetown is an intriguing amalgam of gabled architecture, tropical greenery, and modern bustle. This is the country’s commercial heart, but it’s also where the architectural remnants of colonial dreams still stand, including one of the largest wooden cathedrals in the world and an 1817 wooden lighthouse painted in candy-striped hues. Aside from visiting these historic sites, you’ll find lots of interesting things to do in Georgetown. Shop for souvenirs in the bustling Stabroek Market, sip a Banks beer in a local bar, or take an evening stroll along Georgetown’s mighty seawall, built to protect the below-sea-level city from the voracious sea.

Historic attractions in Georgetown

Despite a devastating 1945 fire that destroyed many historic buildings in downtown Georgetown, much architectural evidence of the European settlements remains today—including the handsome Parliament Building (circa 1834), St. George’s Cathedral, and the Georgetown Lighthouse.

Ethnic restaurants in Georgetown

From Brazilian to East Indian to West Indian to Chinese, Georgetown offers a wide range of interesing ethnic eateries that reflect the country’s diverse culture. But if it’s international chain brands you’re craving, look for branches of KFC and Pizza Hut as well.

Georgetown Travel Tips

  • Although the country won its independence from the British in 1966, Guyana nonetheless retains vestiges of its long period as a British colony, including language: Guyana is the only English-speaking nation in South America.
  • The currency in Georgetown is the Guyana dollar, with an exchange rate hovering around $200 GYD = US $1. Cambios, or currency exchange houses, are open 7 days a week in Georgetown. Major credit cards and traveler’s checks are accepted at most lodgings, restaurants, and businesses.
  • You can get around Georgetown by taxi or minibus, both of which operate on a fixed-rate fare structure. If you decide to rent a car, know that driving in Georgetown is on the left.
  • The weather in Georgetown is tropical: It’s hot and humid, but sea breezes keep it pleasant.

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