Maracaibo, Venezuela

Things to do in Maracaibo

With Copa Airlines flights to Maracaibo, it’s easy to enjoy Venezuela´s favorite lakeside oil town. Two million party-loving Maracuchos live in this booming tropical city, which happens to be the capital of Venezuela´s richest state, Zulia. There are almost too many things to do in Maracaibo. Start by checking out the old town, with historic churches and buildings set around grandiose parkland known as Paseo de las Ciencias. After a pilgrimage to the city’s famous cathedral, take a stroll down Calle Carabobo and soak in the colorful colonial architecture. Save time to enjoy lunch and spectacular views at the Best Western’s revolving restaurant. In the evening, head to the more modern new town, and wander the upscale streets around Plaza Republica. The city truly comes to life here, with locals partying in the open air to the distinctive beat of local gaita music.

Caribbean delight at the restaurants in Maracaibo

One of our favorite things to do in Maracaibo is to settle into an old town arepera and sample tropical drinks, such as coco frio. For something more upscale, check out restaurants in the new city, where you can dig into steak at a trendy grill house or eat some of the best Italian food this side of Caracas.

The art of shopping in Maracaibo

Psychedelic weavings and soft gigantic hammocks are just some of the Guajiro Indian handicrafts you´ll find in Maracaibo’s markets. Vibrant modern art is also on display and for sale in some of the country´s best galleries.

Maracaibo Travel Tips

  • It’s always best to take a taxi in Maracaibo. During the day, the city gets much too hot to explore on foot. At night, a taxi is the safest way to get around the old town.
  • The best luxury business options in town are on the lake shore. Mid-range options are closer to the business district and the new center, where most restaurants are located.
  • Visit during festival season in mid November, when locals celebrate with street parades, gaita music concerts, rodeos and bullfights.
  • The weather in Maracaibo, “Beloved Land of the Sun,” is dependably hot. Rainfall is heaviest in September and October, when you can expect to see silent lightning over Lake Maracaibo.

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