Find Copa Airlines flights to Montevideo (MVD)

Find Copa Airlines flights to Montevideo (MVD)

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Discover Montevideo

The capital of Uruguay perfectly blends the infrastructure of a large city with the tranquility of its colonial boulevards. With Copa Airlines, your flight to Montevideo will be a pleasant experience thanks to the wide variety of on-board entertainment and a menu of healthy and balanced meals.

The main attractions of Montevideo

  • Living history: in the streets of the historic city center you can see remains of the ancient fortifications and other patrimonial heritage sites, among them the Cathedral of Montevideo, the Cabildo, and the Plaza Independencia.
  • Sports and outdoor activities: the Rambla of Montevideo, the avenue that goes along the coastline, is the perfect place to go jogging, bicycling, or just relax while enjoying the river landscape.
  • Rio de Plata fare: sharing culinary traditions with Argentina, the cuisine in Montevideo offers you the chance to try delicious meats and grilled dishes, Uruguayan chivito (sandwiches with churrasco beef and toppings), dulce de leche, and mate, the emblematic herbal tea of the region.

Exploring Montevideo

The best way to get around the city is by using the city buses. There is also a bus tour with stops at the city's main points of interest. Another option is to take a taxi or hired cars. Whichever form of transport you choose, travel to Montevideo comfortably and securely with Copa Airlines.

Weather in Montevideo

11 °CThursdayAug 16, 2018
15 °CFridayAug 17, 2018
20 °CSaturdayAug 18, 2018
10 °CSundayAug 19, 2018
10 °CMondayAug 20, 2018
12 °CTuesdayAug 21, 2018
14 °CWednesdayAug 22, 2018
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