Popular Destinations

  • David, Chiriqui, Panama

    With a warm, friendly population of 125,000, David is the country's third-largest city and the Chiriquí region's commercial heart.

  • San Salvador, El Salvador

    Enjoy one of the most boisterous and cosmopolitan cities in Central America. Visit the capital of El Salvador, surrounded by striking hills and looming volcanoes.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica

    Discover Costa Rica’s famed natural beauty and visit the La Paz Waterfall Gardens with butterflies, serpentarium, nature paths and waterfalls.

Popular Destinations

  • Lima, Peru

    Land on one the most diverse and increasingly modern capitals in Latin America while you enjoy the authentic taste of ceviche.

  • Caracas, Venezuela

    Famous for its cutting-edge architecture and monumental public art, the capital of Venezuela sits in a narrow valley separated from the nearby Caribbean.

  • Medellin, Colombia

    Enjoy one of the most exciting and promising cities in South America. Modern mass transit runs through the entire city and gives you easy access to all the things you can do in Medellin.

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