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  • Montreal, Canada

    Discover the contrasts of Montreal, modern, yet laden with history. The fusion of culture, architecture and cuisine will enthrall you.

  • Fort Lauderdale, United States

    Experience the perfect vacation in relaxing, exciting Fort Lauderdale. The golden sands and eclectic cuisine will make you return year after year.

  • Iquitos, Peru

    Fly directly to the largest city in the world that’s unconnected to a road network. Admire the natural wonders or visit the a vast and unspoiled jungle.

Popular Destinations

  • Panama, Panama

    Explore the cultural and financial capital of Central America. Tour the ruins of Panama Viejo (Old Panama), gaze out over the Panama Canal or stroll through the Parque Natural Metropolitano.

  • Managua, Nicaragua

    Visit Managua, the cultural, political and economic center of Nicaragua. Set on the coast of Lake Xolotlan, Managua offers much to do.

  • San Pedro Sula, Honduras

    Visit Honduras’ most commercial capital and cosmopolitan city. Discover fascinating museums, parks and natural reserves.

Popular Destinations

  • Recife, Brazil

    Enjoy one of Brazil’s most dynamic cities. With year-round mild and sunny weather, Recife boasts the perfect conditions for enjoying its beautiful Atlantic beaches.

  • Porto Alegre, Brazil

    There’s a lot to do at Porto Alegre. Visit the Museo de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul, the exclusive Moinhos de Vento or the vast Guaiba River.

  • Brasilia, Brazil

    Explore the visionary capital of Brazil. Marvel at the city’s modern architecture or take a stroll down the Congreso Nacional, the center of Brazil’s political power.

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